I’m FAQing this, seems easier

(People don’t actually frequently ask these questions about me)

Who am I?

I’m Lewis Campbell, one of those British students studying Computer Science at Salford University. Currently in my Second year and here’s some stuff about me.

What’ll be on this Blog

Honestly I haven’t really decided just yet although you can assume the usual, stuff I’m working on, random ramblings about many a number of things. Probably a few videos as well, doesn’t sound to bad for a blog

What are you working on at the moment

This question’ll need removing at some point as I can’t see myself keeping up with it. But at the moment I’m working on a couple of weekly video series that I’m interested in. I’m working a bit on vertical farming more of a hobby of mine something I’d like to get into. Also to top it off a bit of games development, mostly exploring the unity engine but hopefully I’ll put out a couple of small quirky games, that’s the dream right?

Anything else to say

Nope it’s 3 in the morning and I can’t think of much else to right about me here at this point. Maybe later.

The Interesting stuff about me!

Favourite Colour

Orange, I mean can’t you tell from the Insidific Logo branding stuff.

Favourite Movie

I just re-watched Mad Max: Fury Road and it was most definitely one of my favourite movies of 2015 so I’m sticking it here as my favourite movie. It’s always going to change but Mad Max was generally a great film.

Tea or Coffee

Tea obviously as I can’t stand coffee for some reason, well not anymore anyway, the taste just just lingers too long.

That’s as much as I’m writing for now. I shall update in due course.