Individual Branding for Insidific

Just some basic ideas

Branding making it more Personal Insidific at it’s current state feels way to corporate and not personal, as it’s now meant to be a personal brand to me and I’m looking to try to make it that way. Initially when I started thinking about branding for Insidific it was based on the idea of a

So I watched Zootropolis

Yet another movie post

This is not a review of Zootropolis or Zootopia, this is a poorly written opinion piece So I watched Zootropolis on yesterday and it was one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, honestly better than Batman vs Superman. At least story wise it was perfect, it had everything needed to make a great

Batman vs Superman Thoughts

Mostly Bitching about it...

Spoilers for Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice So I watched Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice on its release day, I generally enjoyed the movie it was good. Everything that is apart from the story which seemed to be everywhere. It seemed to expect people to know the DC universe more than the average

Video of the Week Civil War

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - Trailer 2

Civil War hitting with the best trailer yet… Finally the release of a more detailed Captain America: Civil War trailer with Spider-man. Which of course makes it my video of the week, I’ve been waiting for the first showing of spider-man for a while and of course more details of Civil War. It’s definitely the