So what's going on with me at the moment

I spent the spent the last 24 hours working on this website. As a simple blog for me to use, I decided I'd rather have something I'd made rather than just relying on Wordpress all the time for blogging. I guess it's more I like having something I know what I'm doing with, if there's changes I'm going to make I know what everything does I don't need to look into how to build upon something else.

There's still plenty more I want to do with it, it's currently just a very basic blogging system which is fine for what I need it to be, but next is for it to work with twitter and automatically tweet out new blog posts. It also is the perfect testing ground for Insidific which I'm still working on. Again I have the basic system going with Insidific, it's just going to take a little bit more for me to work with and get it up and running to how I wanted. I had wanted it to be ready when E3 hit, but that was a incredibly unrealistic hope, it wasn't going to happen and now I just need to focus on having it fully working then heading for a release.

Although I am considering building it all completely bare bones, doing the backend and having it all work perfectly then attach it to the theme as I need it. But I'll see, I assume a complete bare bones project would be the perfect starting point for every website I build from. Especially if I build it as modules therefore being able to start with any type of set.

Just the usual ramble again as most of my previous blog posts have been, so nothing new there. Let me know on twitter what you think of the blog design if can.

Plenty more to come in the future. Especially over this Summer I've gone a lot planned.

A recent change of plans. More updates coming up!

Why Lets Play Videos?

I did YouTube using Insidific about 1 year ago, but since I wanted to take Insidific on a different direction(Check out the planning here), back then the channel was simply made up of lets plays and other short videos which I enjoyed making, until I wanted to make�Insidific professional. So I need somewhere new to post content that I enjoy making, something fun to pass the time and to build my confidence, as honestly I gained a lot of confidence from simply doing lets play videos, it wasn't life changing but it helped. Speaking was, and likely never will be my strong point, but doing lets play type videos really helped improve that, so I'd love to continue it and that's what I'm going to do now.

I have a personal channel for YouTube, which at the time of posting this is empty but there's lot's that I want to do with it, well when I say lots, there's lot's of content that I want to upload. I need my space away from anything professional that I take part in, much like this site, I want a personal engaging YouTube page. I'm not looking to make�any money other than chump change from videos, as the content I'll produce will never gain traction within the YouTube community. Lets play videos are pretty over saturated, but what the hell it's all for fun.

I hope I've explained somewhat why I want to do lets play videos, I still need to work on blogging, but I definitely know I'm good at writing a jumbled mess if anyone likes that. Unlikely. So by the time you read this I'll be just beginning to upload videos, so if you want to check out some of my lets play videos then click this link: